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Hi There!! Warm Welcome to Healing Energy, Intuition, Psychic Medium & Animal Communication Good Stuff to Elevate You, Your Life &/or Your Animals. Upbeat, Proactive, All-Encompassing, High Vibrational & Grounded Metaphysical Help from a Horse Gal / Regular Person Who's Been On This Highly Attuned Spiritual Journey Personally & Professionally 25+ Years. I've now landed here in Podcast Land for A New Spirit-Lead Venture (Who Knew? But Woo Hoo!!) I Hope You Enjoy It! See My Services, The Shoppe & Spiritual Nuggets Blog @ SueAnnTexas.com. Happy Journey to You!! ~SA~

Real Deal Love Never Dies!! With People & Animals! Connections Remain in Spirit & Reincarnation Offering Hope, Help, Support, Love & Fun!
Episode No. 2 ☆ Connections, Support, Help, Love from True Beloveds on The Other Side. Our People & Animals!  We can connect & in pretty darn real ways, if not real ways!  Includes account of beloved horse passing over & our experience of it together. I've purposely approached this podcast as if I'm on the phone with YOU as my client & flowed through it organically, without any editing, for the real deal vibes I think it deserves.  So, it is purposely "not slick" yet very sincere & FULL of worthy information.  This episode is a long one, however, I absolutely recommend listening to the whole enchilada!!!! After some helpful introductory remarks, I get into personal examples of family connections from The Other Side (@ 4:58) then I get into personal examples of animal connections from The Other Side with reincarnation stories, too (@ 37:14.)  As always, there are really worthy tidbits of sidebar information all the way up to the end.  Click Sunny & Me to check out the blog post mentioned & see video links of us competing.  Use this as your own springboard & library chock full of information..... Bring In This Divine Magic to Your Own Life within The Spirit of Pure Love & Pure Light, Your Own Highest Good & Highest Good of All! Like this?  💚 & follow, big thanks!!  Originating on PodBean & now found @ Spotify, Google, Amazon & SueAnnTexas on YouTube plus podcast page on my website.  Really keep up by subscribing to Spiritual Nuggets Pod & Posts, both, yep! Till Next Time, Enjoy This Episode & Have a Happy Journey with It All..... Reach for The Stars Y'All!! ~SA~ SueAnnTexas.com
Apr 7 2021
1 hr 35 mins
Spirit in Details of Life:  Solutions & Living Magic ✨
Jan 14 2021
29 mins