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Spiritual Nuggets: Energy, Intuition & More Good Stuff! SueAnnTexas.com

Jan 14 2021 • 29 mins

Episode 1 ☆ Hi There & Welcome to Spiritual Nuggets: Energy, Intuition & More Good Stuff..... This is a new venture for me here in podcast land yet I am bringing 25+ years of experience to it!  I've offered bespoke, all-encompassing Healing Energy, Intuitive, Psychic Medium & Animal Communication Work professionally since 1996 for people &/or their animals by phone appointment & email..... with Integrity!  I've purposely approached this as if I'm on the phone with you as a client & flowed through it without any editing to lend those Energies as much as possible!  It is sincere & full of worthy information, albeit my 1st & unpolished stab at this!!

I introduce myself a bit & cover how/why I ended up here (Who knew?? But Woo Hoo!!) & more importantly cover some of the Spiritual Nuggets inherent in this real-life experience that you can recognize, learn from, apply yourself.  This is Real Deal, Daily Good Stuff to Elevate Your Own Life, Add To or Clarify Your Own Knowledge & Flow Even More with Pure Light Spirit & the Divine Magic of Real Life!  Spirit IS In The Details of Life..... Connect with It!!

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Till Next Time..... Enjoy This Episode, Dive In to The Good Stuff for Yourself Now, Listen More Than Once to Absorb Everything If You Need To & Have a Happy Journey!! ~SA~