E30- MUD Forward Funding Capital Appreciation Bond

Land to Lots

Jul 13 2023 • 23 mins


In Episode 30, Carter discusses the creation of MUD Forward Funding Capital Appreciation Bond (“CAB”) and why this new non-recourse, tax exempt, long term financing will prove to be an invaluable component of capital stack for Texas development projects utilizing MUD financing.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. How the Land Secured Launch Bond transaction led to the development of the CAB.
  2. What three disparate financing structures make up the CAB.
  3. The timing challenges with MUD financing that the CAB addresses.
  4. The financial benefits of the CAB.
  5. The details of the first CAB closed in Texas.

For a complimentary CAB bond sizing click here and fill out the Financing Analysis Application Form.

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