Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters w/ Bweela Steptoe

I Am Dad

Jan 15 2023 • 47 mins

Bweela Steptoe is a literacy advocate and workshop presenter. Her mission is to educate and share the legacy of her father, John Lewis Steptoe, the award-winning children’s books author and illustrator, with the world

About Bweela

Steptoe Bweela Steptoe enjoys creating the fabric as well as the garments of her self-named label “Bweela Steptoe”. Her one-of-kind designs are her own interpretation of deconstruction called, “Couture Deconstruction”. You can spot a deconstructed look by its defining characteristics, which include raw edges, fraying, revealed linings, exposed zippers, and unusually sewn seams. Garments that appear unfinished, recycled, or give the illusion that they’re coming apart. Bweela uses her artistic background and family art influences as an inspiration for her fabric and clothing designs.

In addition to Bweela Steptoe the Fashion Designer. Bweela Steptoe is the mother of twin daughters who are currently attending private colleges out of state. Bweela Steptoe became a contributing author for an anthology in 2016 with 19 other authors; Delay But Not Denied, 20 Inspirational Stories About Life And Resiliency, A Mother’s Love And Fight For Her Daughters; dealing with life and resiliency. In her chapter, she talks about the struggle and hardships she went through having two daughters that were faced with different learning styles that are viewed as learning disabilities. Bweela Steptoe is a literacy advocate and workshop presenter.