Elon Musk's Personal Lawyer - Alex Spiro

Imperfect Leaders

Dec 23 2022 • 35 mins

Why do modern day icons, athletes, and artist have Alex Spiro on speed dial? Why do they call him when they run into adversity? Why has Alex been called Elon Musk's personal lawyer?

Because all of these leaders know it's wise to have the country's top legal mind in their corner.  Alex plays by a different rule book - and his win/loss record is indisputable. Not only does Alex help clients in the heat of battle - during a high-stakes trial, for example - he also helps clients grow stronger and become even more resilient leaders.

Spiro is the ultimate 'fight doctor' - like Ferdie Pacheco was to Muhammad Ali - a loyal guru ready to repair deep cuts in the heat of battle - and instill confidence - into champions who are quite literally changing the world.