[80] From Upwork to Six-Figure SEO Productized Service w/ Marcin Chirowski

The Productize Podcast

Jun 10 2020 • 47 mins

In this interview I talk to Marcin Chirowski of Growth Turn, a productized SEO service focused on B2B SaaS companies.

Marcin explains how he went from a corporate job to freelancing on Upwork. Then he tells how he identified an opportunity from the work he was doing on Upwork to productize the work he was doing for a specific customer in the market. He is now doing over $100,000 in annual revenue. (5:43)

Also, Brian answered this question on YouTube, how to decide what to work on next?

Brian covers four tactics for how to tackle this problem:

  • Work backwards from your end goal
  • Decide quickly
  • Be okay with pushing priorities back
  • Review your progress

There is a lot to dig into and it is a topic that is always relevant no matter how big your business grows. (0:32)


Key Takeaways

[20:54] Even if you are increasing your hourly rate you are still being paid based on time spent doing something instead of the value you bring.

[38:05] Sometimes a buy button is not the quickest path to a sale. Know you market and decision makers. Sometime you need to provide something for your champions to take to the decision makers.

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