[88] Physical goods and universal fundamentals w/ Mike Gammarino

The Productize Podcast

Aug 5 2020 • 49 mins

In this interview I talk to Mike Gammarino of Bluprint Partners. Mike founded Bluprint Partners in 2017 to help emerging eCommerce brands build operations that scale. Prior to Bluprint, he served as the internal operator on the founding teams at BeachMint and The Black Tux; both VC-funded startups in Los Angeles.

Mike covers a lot of ground in this interview. He gives us an overview of what it is like working in the world of physical products, and the opportunities he identified that pushed him in the direction of starting Bluprint Partners. Despite the different markets in physical and digital products the business fundamentals that go into identifying, starting, and building a productized service are universal. There is a lot to learn in this episode. (2:05)


Key Takeaways

[11:00] - Understand the language of your target market and optimize your offerings to represent the result they expect to see.

[21:00] - Sometime is can be difficult to identify what to productize in a service. Offer a less productized offering as a method for gathering more experience and data.

[30:00] - Paid discovery has a lot of benefits for you as a business, but it is a good idea to make sure that you are also delivering something that provides value for your client regardless of moving forward with them or not.

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