Taking a break to focus

The Productize Podcast

Sep 30 2020 • 6 mins

Hey listeners — Just a quick episode to announce today that I'm taking a break from new episodes of the Productize Podcast for a little while.

I decided that I need to focus my creative energy on products—mainly ProcessKit these days—and that I can't put as much energy as I'd like to into preparing and doing interviews on this show, for now.

I expect I'll be back on this feed at some point! Maybe whenever inspiration strikes or when I just want to pick somebody's brain on air. I just don't think this will happen on the normal weekly schedule like it has been for the past few months. Basically, this show has, and will continue to be, a "seasons" based show, and for now, it looks like the 2020 season is wrapping up.


I do have another podcast called Bootstrapped Web. That's been running even longer than Productize Podcast, and I'll continue to publish episodes there. Rather than an interview show (which takes more prep time), Bootstrapped Web is where my buddy Jordan Gal and I hop on the mics for some real talk behind the scenes of our building our businesses. Tune in!

If you're looking for all of my best content about building a productized service businesses, well all of that still lives here on Productize And Scale.

And don't forget to connect with me on Twitter, @casjam.

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