[78] Productizing business critical services w/Belinda Jacobs

The Productize Podcast

May 27 2020 • 46 mins

In this interview I talk to Belinda Jacobs of Tech Packs Co. A productized service that helps product businesses create the technical packet (aka blueprint) that factories will use to manufacture their products.

Belinda walks us through her journey starting Techpacks. We learn how she took a business critical process that everyone seemed to struggle with and created not only a service, but a methodology for how to approach the problem altogether. (7:13)

Also, Brian answered this question on YouTube, how do you transition from service to productization?

He outlines a productization framework with three big steps:

  1. Picking the right customer
  2. Picking a valuable problem to solve
  3. Create a predictable version of your service

He digs deeper into how to tackle each step and how you can convert your service into a productized version of it. (0:48)


Key Takeaways

[22:10] A network can be critical to unlocking early growth. Whether that is in person or in online communities. Getting to know people in your market and putting your name/business out there keeps you from toiling in the shadows hoping your product alone brings customers in.

[29:12] Hiring someone so that you can scale before you are comfortable can unlock that growth you are trying to reach sooner.

[39:48] With the right service, you can become more than just someone who get's it done. You can create processes and methodologies that influence the entire vertical and give you more opportunities for products/revenue.

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