[87] Building, Selling, and Acquiring Productized Service Businesses w/ Tyler Gillespie

The Productize Podcast

Jul 29 2020 • 54 mins

In this interview I talk to Tyler Gillespie of Applause Lab and Proofreading Pros. Applause Lab is a video testimonial service focused on eCommerce businesses, and Proofreading Pros is a Software with a Service focused on...you guessed it proofreading and editing.

Tyler has also run and exited from a productized service in the content space, and does consulting for other business owners looking to productize their services business. He walks through his journey as a founder of many productized services. What was the most interesting was how he approaches every business he runs as if he is going sell them, and discusses the steps he makes to achieve that. (5:49)

Also, Brian answered this question on YouTube, How to productize when every project is different?

Brian covers three steps to tackle this problem regardless of where your service business is now (1:22):

  1. Figure out who your best business/customers are and target them.
  2. Identify the highest value problem for that customer.
  3. Standardize it.


Key Takeaways

[20:00] - There are very few people out there willing to put in the work to focus on and win sales. That skill mixed with the ability to find good people to outsource to can get a service off the ground in no time.

[38:00] - Building a service to sell involves a lot of planning before you think you are ready. You job is to de-risk the business and revenue you are generating for someone coming in to run it.

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