Therese Lynch: All you need is Love

PEP Talks: People Empowering People

Sep 14 2020 • 40 mins

Theresa is a wife of 17 years and mom of two children through transracial open adoption. She has been a type 1 diabetic for over 30 years, which is why her husband and she chose adoption to create their family. Theresa is also a school-based speech-language pathologist serving elementary students.   |   |

| We learned from Therese:

*When faced with any disease, especially when young, it is ok to be clear with your identity and not hide your disease.

*A good way of dealing with friends who unfriend you during your trying times is to believe, “If you can’t take me at my worst, then you don’t get me at my best”.

*Love can get you through difficult times. Support one another when needed!

*Sometimes when dealing with the unknown, you have to get on with your life despite the constant “waiting” in the background.

Gretatude: Love is a fruit that is always in season-Mother Theresa

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