S2E23 - Jared Throne - Creator of the Graphic Novel ”Heavy Kill”

Dumb Comic Creators Podcast

Feb 8 2022 • 48 mins

This week we talk to the very talented and interesting Jared Throne. Jared is the artist and writer of the upcoming horror graphic novel Heavy Kill. Jared talks about how he started drawing comics and his motivations for creating his first graphic novel. Pre-order (or order depending on when you're reading this) on his website https://www.heavykill.com/ and follow for updates at https://www.instagram.com/heavykill_comic/

The book will be released March 16, 2022 (so again, depending on when you listen to this episode, that is a date in the past and you can go find this book rn!...not to bias against our listeners who listen right away, you all are important too and you just have to wait a couple weeks to read this book!)

Thanks for listening! Cya next week!