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Jonathan Hutton and Chad Withrow bring you their signature style each day as OutKick Hot Mic. Their unique perspective covers it all from the world of sports! read less

Our Editor's Take

OutKick 360 is a podcast for sports fans of all varieties, from college to the pros. Sports leagues may take off-seasons, but sporting news does not. It is a 24/7 news cycle all year long, and this podcast covers all the action in every episode. This podcast delivers detailed and thorough sports news coverage, regardless of the sport or the headline. The conversation is dynamic, the news is insightful, and the analysis is spot-on. Throw some laugh-out-loud humor into the mix, and this sports show is fun and entertaining too.

Jonathan Hutton, Paul Kuharsky, and Chad Withrow host the podcast. Between them, the banter and wit move at a snappy pace. Their expert knowledge as sports journalists ensures their conversation remains insightful. The team strives to examine the latest sporting news from every possible angle. Listeners will appreciate the frank tone of the banter. No matter the topic, the hosts' passion and depth of knowledge are on full display.

New episodes drop almost every day. All three hours of live sessions are broken down into hour-long episodes. This helps listeners dip into their favorite segments. They can choose whichever sports headline or interview piques their interest. Sports fans can listen to all episodes now on Amazon Music.

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