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Deal-Breakers | Love and Danger Ep. 9
Oct 4 2023
Deal-Breakers | Love and Danger Ep. 9
In this lively and hilarious episode of Love and Danger, your favorite duo dives deep into the world of relationship deal breakers. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of laughter, insight, and unexpected revelations! Carrie and Jett kick off the episode by sharing their personal journeys with sobriety from alcohol, shedding light on the ups, downs, and unexpected perks of a life without booze. But wait, there's more! The episode takes an entertaining detour as Carrie and Jett discuss mind-blowing facts about the classic movie "The Bodyguard." Prepare to be amazed as they unearth trivia that will make you see this film in a whole new light. The main event of the episode, of course, is the discussion of relationship deal-breakers. Carrie and Jett sift through a treasure trove of submissions sent in by their listeners through the website and social media channels. From quirky habits to downright red flags, no deal breaker is left unexplored. Brace yourself for some jaw-dropping revelations and gut-busting laughter as they dissect these juicy relationship tales. And if that's not enough drama for one episode, stay tuned for a special surprise as the ladies sneak in an "Am I the Asshole?" (AITA) story, sparking a debate that you won't want to miss! "Love and Danger" delivers yet another unforgettable episode filled with humor, heart and a dash of Hollywood intrigue. Whether you're seeking relationship advice, a good laugh, or just a dose of unfiltered entertainment, this episode is a must-listen. So, press play and get ready to join Carrie and Jett for a wild ride through the world of deal breakers, and more! --- Support this podcast: