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Come & See Inspirations (C&SI) is a podcasting team based out of Ardagh in West Limerick, Ireland.Tel: +353 (0)87 6088667

Email: comeandseeinspirations@gmail.com

Originally starting out in 2010 until 2021 our work was based around our flagship weekly radio programme SacredSpace102fm (SS102fm); now the C&SI team aims to work on various podcasts which contribute to the New Evangelisation and spread hope and faith online and on air.

This page hosts C&SI's podcasts including our weekly podcast as well as other recordings and inspirational talks which we would like to share with you our listeners.

For our historic information and programme content you can also visit our old blog (2010 to 2019) at https://sacredspace102.blogspot.com/

(Please note that the blog is no longer being updated).

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Jan 1 2010
54 seconds
Come & See Inspirations PromoSacredSpace102fm PromoSacredSpace102fm - Vocation Stories - Fr Noel Kirwan - 22 November 2009Vocation Stories - Fr Frank Duhig - 21 February 2010 - SacredSpace102fmVocation Stories - Fr John O'Shea -  28 March 2010 - SacredSpace102fmSacredSpace102fm - The Apparitions of Fatima - 9 May 2010SacredSpace102fm - Understanding the story of Medjugorje Apparitions: A discussion with Mary Keating and Paddy Geary - 23 May 2010SacredSpace102fm - The Apparition of Knock - 30 May 2010SacredSpace102fm - A Missionary in Brazil - An Interview with Fr John Cribben -  9 August 2010
One of SacredSpace102fm's popular podcasts from our archives, an interview with the late Fr John Cribben OMI from Shanagolden in West Limerick. Fr John spent his ministry working in Rio de Janario and shares his vocation story with our listeners in this interview.Born on 29 October 1936, Shannagolden, Co. Limerick, Fr Cribbin studied at Shannagolden National School, St. Senan's and St. Munchin's College, Limerick. He completed his studies at University College Dublin in 1958 (Philosophy), and Piltown, Co. Kilkenny (Theology). He was ordained to the priesthood on 24 September 1961 and arrived in Brazil on 15 November 1962. He was one of the founders of an Oblate mission in the town of São Simão (Jataí Diocese), Goiás State, in the interior of Brazil. On 24 November 1966 he was called to work in the city of Rio de Janeiro (São José parish). In the mid 1970s he was nominated to coordinate the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro's pastoral work in the West Zone of the city, an area that included half of Rio's population and 64 favelas (shanty towns) at the time. His work involved setting up and organizing local residents' associations in each favela, identifying potential leaders and training them in community organisations to deal with problems such as the lack of light, water, sewage, drainage and health facilities.Fr. John Cribbin´s parish included nine churches which he himself helped to build and design, including one located inside a prison compound. Most of the churches have smaller community centres attached to them where courses such as needle work and home crafts are held. Instruction is also given aimed at improving the level of hygiene and health of the local population. Literacy classes, as well as courses for preparing students for admission to technical colleges and universities are also offered. There are plans in the near future to offer free computer courses for some of the poor younger members of the parish in order to better their chances in the local work market.On 10 July 1989 Fr. Cribbin received the Pedro Ernesto Medal, the highest civic honour awarded by the Rio de Janeiro city legislature in recognition of his outstanding services to members of the underprivileged population of the city's West Zone. In March 1995 he gave a welcome address on behalf of all the Irish missionaries in Brazil to the then President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, during her State visit to Brazil that year. In July 2001 the Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Mr. Bertie Ahern T.D. paid a visit to Fr. Cribbin's parish to inaugurate a Community Hall co-funded by Ireland Aid, and on 28 March 2004 President Mary McAleese inaugurated a new community Centre during a visit to his parish.Following a unanimous vote by the 42 members of the House of Representative of the Municipality of Rio, elected representative Adilson Pires conferred the title of Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro to Limerick man Fr. John Cribbin O.M.I., during an emotional ceremony attend by over 300 guests on 21 August 2004. The event took place at Fr. Cribbin's parish in Magalhães Bastos on the outskirts of Rio where he has served the local community for the past 38 years.Originally broadcast 9th August 2010.
Aug 28 2010
58 mins
SacredSpace102fm - Volunteering in Uganda - A VMM reflection - 3rd October 2010SacredSpace102fm - Canonisation of Mary MacKillop - 17 October 2010SacredSpace102fm - Vocation Stories - Sr Dympna Clancy - 31 October 2010SacredSpace102fm - Exploring the Mass (Part 1) with Noirin Lynch - 29 May 2011SacredSpace102fm - Exploring the Mass (Part 2) with Noirin Lynch - 5th June 2011SacredSpace102fm - Who was Julian of Norwich? - 28th August 2011
Aug 27 2011
51 mins
SacredSpace102fm - Interview with Dean Maurice Sirr, retired Dean of St Mary's Cathedral Limerick - 22 Jan 2012
January 18th to 25th is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and in 2012, Sacred Space102fm decided to get out and make the acquaintance of our christian neighbours in the Church of Ireland United Diocese of Limerick & Killaloe. John has a special interview with Maurice Sirr, the retired Dean of St Mary's Cathedral in Limerick City. Dean Maurice - originally from county Monaghan - "Drumlin country" - was born the son of a rector, he attended boarding school in Dundalk, studied in Dublin at Trinity College before ordination for ministry, served in Belfast where he met and married his wife before serving in Sligo for eighteen years and then to Limerick where he became the Dean and Rector of Limerick City parish. As Dean, he has had responsibility for the cathedral church of a diocese; responsible with the team supporting him for administrating the cathedral and services.The Church of Ireland is an episcopal church (i.e. it has a bishops in charge of its dioceses) in the Anglican tradition and is a member of the Anglican Communion. It is an independent self-governing church through its General Synod consisting of the Houses of Bishops, Clergy and Laity in various proportions. The General Synod makes the rules for the governance of the Church of Ireland with the bishops.Traditions within the Church of Ireland would be a strong focus on being a biblical church often demonstrated by the tradition of the family bible and its daily use in the prayer life of the families. The Church of Ireland highlights two Gospel sacraments - Baptism and Holy Communion. Other sacraments in the church include marriage and penance.John and Dean Maurice discuss some of the differences between our two faith communities but also stress how many are the things that unite us far out way what divides us. Various topics discussed include the differences in methods to handing on the faith education through Sunday schools, the tradition of singing in church, the challenges of youth ministry, the challenges of ministry and vocations to ministry in the Church of Ireland. They look at the different forms of devotion, types of liturgies and services, discuss the different emphasis on the role of Mary and the traditions in both traditions towards the Mother of God.
Jan 22 2012
52 mins
Exploring the Sacraments - The Sacrament of the Sick - 5th February 2012 (SS102fm Programme excerpt)(S2E11b)Introducing the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) 2012 - 12th February 2012 (SS102fm programme excerpt)(S2E12b)Reflecting on the "joyful" season of Lent with Fr Michael Liston - 19th February 2012 (SS102fm programme excerpt)(S2E13b)
Feb 19 2012
50 mins
Mary's Stations of the Cross - 11th March 2012 (SS102fm programme excerpt)(S2E16b)