Eben Pagan Explains Why the Marketing Funnel is Broken

The Undefeated Marketing Podcast

Nov 9 2022 • 53 mins

Eben Pagan is the “OG” of digital marketing. In 2001 while the rest of the business world was focused on traditional marketing, Eben was building one of the first-ever digital funnels.

That was 21 years ago.

When you look at the Mt. Rushmore of marketers – Eben Pagan is on the rock and now you are going to learn from him….

In episode 38 of the Undefeated Marketing podcast, Eben and I discuss the mistakes that marketers are continuing to make by not truly understanding their relationship with their customers/clients – and how any business owner or marketer can flip the switch to improve their ROI.

Sound familiar?

According to Eben, most marketers are not focused on building and improving their marketing funnels to drive more conversions in their business. Eben understands where people continue to screw up when managing their marketing funnels and why they are not retaining customers or prospects.

If you are worried about your business with the current economy, you need to tune in for this episode because we discuss how you can maximize your results by changing a few simple steps with your marketing.

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