How An Accidental Death Changed Aaron Walker Forever

The Undefeated Marketing Podcast

Dec 14 2022 • 47 mins

What's the worst moment in your life? I ask rhetorically because when Aaron Walker joined my podcast, he revealed that his worst moment was hitting a pedestrian with his car, resulting in his death.

Faith. Hope. Redemption. That's Aaron's story now, and he's telling it this week on the Undefeated Marketing Podcast. And with the holidays just around the corner, it's fitting to post this amazing interview today.

I like to go deep with my guests, and in this episode, Aaron and I dive into some deep, challenging, and uncomfortable topics.

Aaron's background is pretty amazing too... he's the founder and president of several companies, including the Iron Sharpens Iron Business Mastermind, and is one of Dave Ramsey's closest friends. Aaron is a highly successful life and business coach who focuses on showing people how to elevate their family relationships while exploding their businesses and brands

If you want to know how to overcome a terrible tragedy to become a faith-based and God-fearing person, you should tune into this special episode.

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