The Business of People

Ali Hill

This brand-new podcast is dedicated to elevating the role of People and Culture as she interviews the difference makers, the mavericks, and the people within organisations who relentlessly find a way to create great culture. From high performance, to employee engagement, to safety cultures, to developing our people, to performance reviews, to navigating a hybrid work force, plus many more topics; we’ll explore themwith curiosity and generosity. Together, let’s inspire and empower the conversation around People and Culture across the world, as we continue to create cultures people rave about.
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Ep 9: Puneet Chandok - AWSEp 8: Andrew Short - QFESEp 7: Melitta Hardenberg - SEEK
This question is true for every single organisation. How do you shift behaviours at work and more importantly how do you create behaviour change on mass?In this episode of The Business of People podcast I chat with senior learning leader at SEEK, Melitta Hardenberg. SEEK are Australia’s number one jobs, employment, and career platform. An organisation that prides itself in being a little bit different. Melitta and I completely nerd out around the role of learning and development in behaviour change and cultural impact. Melitta is well known for extending leadership impact with inside organisations through personal impact, building inclusive high performing teams, and lifting career engagement within organisations.In this conversation we talk about the strengths-based culture across SEEK that is held it in good stead in navigating the changes and the impacts have COVID-19. Melitta shares the power of strengths-based focus with leaders and in their conversations with their teams. There's also a metaphor that Melitta shares involving traffic lights and roundabouts that has stuck with me long after our conversation finished. We also get pretty real around the current experience of leaders who deeply care, who are also feeling exhausted. We unpack the potential challenge of workplaces across the next year or so about how do we maintain a focus on culture whilst we're also looking at hybrid and remote ways of working. This is one of those conversations that you want to share, and I no doubt want to tune into a couple of times, so please soak up the curiosity and the wisdom of Melitta Hardenberg.
Oct 17 2021
42 mins
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