Conversations - Alvar Velasco Life Coach & I - why do we need the bad guy to help us heal our story?

Our Divine Human Blueprint

May 21 2021 • 1 hr 13 mins

Álvar Velasco is a non dual Life Coach and I'm a non dual Energy & Awareness Coach. We support each other when we feel guided to and I share our conversation here as we dive into all these topics

  • why we can welcome the ‘bad guy’ when they turn up in our story - because they're helping us heal it
  • embracing our shadow and welcoming transformation
  • inheriting karmic stories through our ancestry for healing
  • how we change our reality with our honest responses
  • levels of acceptance - a map
  • harmonic resonance and vibratory actions
  • bringing loving response to our pain
  • the guardian archetype and sovereign consciousness
  • it’s all within us - uncovering our loving responses
  • surrender - the deeper we dive in, the more that surfaces. Facing our pain and why that’s ok
  • beyond the wheel of karma
  • natural identity, oneness and belonging
  • the continuum concept - Jan Lindo. Enlightenment and Indigenous tribes
  • enoughness heals us from lack, control and unworthiness
  • collapse and dissolve - being with both in transformation, self healing and renewal
  • the shores of the heart and the dark night of the soul
  • depression - what we can do to help ourselves - celebrating the small things
  • singing the song of who we are - helping each other remember when we’ve forgotten - tribal fables.

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