Creating a personal brand that reflects YOU + brings together aligned community with Vanesse Mngomezulu

Being All Of You

Apr 3 2024 • 1 hr 3 mins

Truth: Knowing yourself and expressing who you are unapologetically is the key to building a successful brand that attracts aligned people into your world.

Also true? Sometimes it can feel like exactly who you are isn’t interesting or magnetic enough. It can be so tempting to do things like create bold, controversial posts (which isn't aligned with how you express yourself) or follow other people’s rules for success because it feels “easier” and more likely to create the results you want.

If you’ve been pulled into following other people’s rules for business or life, feel like it’s taking you further away from your true self, and are ready to feel more confident in showing up as YOU, this week’s podcast conversation with Vanesse Mngomezulu (@claritydive), brand strategist + designer for ambitious female homebodies, will feel like a breath of fresh air and give you so many shifts + tangible steps to stay true to yourself AND attract a community who resonates with you.

Join us as we talk about:

✨ Vanesse’s childhood experiences of feeling like she had to show up in the way others expected in order to fit in or feel “normal” and how that ignited her passion for empowering entrepreneurs to show up on their own terms

✨ Why your brand needs to go beyond just aesthetics in order build an aligned community

✨ Vanesse’s take on spicy controversial posts, why we can feel pressured to create them, and how they can do more harm than good depending on the intention behind them

✨ The important question Vanesse asks her clients that helps them feel more confident in sharing their truth AND knowing without a doubt that it’s resonating for the right people

✨ Her advice for introverted, highly sensitive, and empathic people who want to show more of who they are online without getting swept up in what everyone else is doing

Vanesse Mngomezulu is a brand strategist and designer for ambitious female homebodies. Her passion lies in helping women create brands and businesses that resonate deeply with who they are, not what the world expects them to be. An introvert and homebody at heart, she's happiest being at home, often alongside her equally introverted husband. So when she's not crafting soulful and heart-centered websites and brands for her clients, chances are she's curled up on the sofa, lost in their latest Netflix obsession.

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