3 reasons you may feel like a failure that don’t actually mean you’re a failure

Being All Of You

Jun 21 2023 • 17 mins

I want to be perfectly clear about this: just because you *feel* like a failure doesn’t mean you actually are 🤯⁣

There’s a big difference between the story your brain is telling you and what’s actually true (and I know this for sure because this used to be one of my brain’s favorite stories to tell me!). ⁣

If you identify as driven, high-achieving, and ambitious, it can be incredibly hard to separate the two, and if life or business isn’t turning out how you expected or you’re in a period of uncertainty, the brain loves to categorize that as “failure”. ⁣

I want this episode to serve as a loving reminder (and hug 🤗) that you don’t have to let your brain’s interpretation of current circumstances dictate how you move forward into the future.⁣

Tune in to episode 5 as I share: ⁣

✨ The slippery slope you can go down when you start to believe your brain’s story that you’re a failure ⁣

✨ Three different circumstances that may be present for you that are actually an undeniable indicator that you’re not a failure and in fact, are exactly on the right track⁣

✨ Reframes that I share with my coaching clients to shift these feelings of failure, so that you can stop judging yourself, get out of stuck energy, and turn it into excitement and momentum⁣


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