Values-based living + building a stronger connection to yourself with Dr. Alice Rizzi

Being All Of You

Aug 9 2023 • 48 mins

Want to strengthen your connection + trust with yourself, feel grounded in your decision making, and show up confidently online?

It’s time to get clear on your VALUES 🙌🏻

I’m so excited to welcome this week’s guest, Dr. Alice Rizzi (@dralicerizzi), to the podcast! She is a licensed psychologist + mindfulness coach, and we had a fantastic conversation around how Alice learned to clarify and center her values as a business owner, how they’ve evolved over time, and the importance of having them as an anchor while putting yourself out there + showing up vulnerably online.

Tune into this episode as Alice and I talk about:

✨ Her journey from building her private practice as a psychologist to aligning with her values of impact, creativity, and service, starting her business creating + selling mindfulness courses, and what she’s unlearned and re-discovered about herself in the process to show up as her full self online

✨ How getting clear on your values allows you to show up online without regrets, care less about what other people think, and connect more fully with those who resonate and want to buy from you

✨ The gradual unfolding of how Alice found a balance between the values she leaned into as an evidence-based psychology expert and giving herself permission to challenge what’s “appropriate” and let in a more playful side to how she works with clients

✨ The beauty Alice has found in not putting pressure on herself to share everything immediately + how allowing time to process and alchemize these changes has led to more profound, impactful sharing at the right time

✨ One step you can take today to assess your own values and align with the business success, impact, and income you desire

Dr. Alice Rizzi is a licensed psychologist and mindfulness coach. She believes mindfulness is a skill that helps you create and live a life you love - full of joy and meaning. People who love their life cultivate peace, kindness, and understanding not just for themselves but in their communities, so her goal is to help make mindfulness as accessible as possible. That's why she started her online mindfulness school,! She shares free and paid resources on mindfulness, meditation, and values-based living that anyone can use as long as they have an internet connection!

Connect with Alice on IG: @dralicerizzi


Find her Core Values Assessment, free Mindfulness Toolkit, and her brand new meditation library at