Conquering Your Giants Through Resilience and Hope

When Words Don't Come Easy

Aug 1 2023 • 34 mins

Have you ever felt daunted by your dreams, as though they were towering over you like an unconquerable giant? Grab your slingshot and join me as I share my journey of tackling countless obstacles along the way to conquering the giants in the path of my dreams.

Like David facing Goliath, I recount my personal battles, including my struggle with ADD while writing a book, depression and sickness, and how I developed the courage to face these challenges head on.

Listen as I connect the dots between my journey and the biblical tale of David and Goliath, reminding you that you are not alone in your battles.  This episode is all about resilience, hope, and the relentless pursuit of dreams – yours and mine.

So, come along, and let's face our Goliaths together. It's not just an episode; it's a call to action because believing in yourself is the first step towards conquering your giants.


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