In the Heart of Zambia: A Tale of Hope and Resilience

When Words Don't Come Easy

Jul 18 2023 • 31 mins

Join me, Andy Howard, in a heartfelt journey that changed my life and will surely touch yours too. In this podcast, meet the extraordinary team behind Family Legacy that has been pivotal in changing the lives of kids in Zambia. They don't just provide meals; they provide safety from the dangerous world outside the school gates and a promise of hope for a better future.

Picture this: kids with radiant smiles, brimming with joy and resilience, despite the hardships faced in their everyday life in Zambia. We didn't just get to experience this palpable joy when they received their new camp t-shirts.  We also got to experience a true work of God when six out of ten kids we ministered to, found solace in Christ for the first time. A moment that was nothing short of miraculous.

We managed to sponsor 40 kids to attend school and camp, but there are many more who need our help.  What if you could bring about a significant difference in the lives of these children? For as low as $48 a month, you can sponsor an elementary-age child, and $72 a month can sponsor a high school-age child. Imagine a world where every child gets to go to school. That's exactly what Family Legacy aims to achieve. They also have their own medical staff and farm to cater to the well-being of these kids.

Let's join hands in this noble cause, be it through sponsorship, or by participating in the upcoming shoe and food drives. If you can help us reach our goal of sponsoring 100 kids, I would love to send you a signed copy of my book as a thank you for your generous donation!


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