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The Importance Of Forgiveness
May 15 2024
The Importance Of Forgiveness
Why is it so important to forgive?? What happens when we don’t forgive??? How does forgiveness even happen?? The answers are here!! Join your Host Rebecca O'Rourke and Guest Adina Johnson, a retired Psychology Professor, Published author, Marriage Coach, Youtuber, Podcaster, wife and a mom. She was a youth councillor for 14 years. As a first episode it can be expected that mistakes will be made. Watch as your humble host forgives herself for not pressing record. Thankfully our guest Adina is patient and kind as we get some amazing content recorded for you on Forgiveness. In this episode we share with you Adina’s journey through forgiveness and how she now helps others this way. Hear her heartfelt story of her relationship with her father and the pain of infidelity. Her book is called Butterfly Blue - The Pain Of Infertility And The Power Of Forgiveness. You can find it here on Amazon. . We share with you the tools and strategies we use with our clients to assist them in the practice of forgiveness. We all have people and situations we need to forgive. At some point those people also include ourselves, like getting 20 minutes into a recording without recording. We can show you how!! Adina also has a Podcast called Black Butterflies Black Pearls can be found anywhere you stream your Podcasts from. For more information you can follow Adina on Facebook at or contact Rebecca through her website at I hope that you enjoy this fun friendly conversation that will guide you in the direction of feeling lighter and freer because you know how to let things go with forgiveness and why you should.