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Apr 2 2021
1 min
Growing your audience with an "Only we" strategy
What makes a podcast worth listening to?That is an overarching question we’ll be asking as we kick off Season 5 of the Human Insight Podcast. After four seasons, we're reaching out to listeners to see what's working and what needs improvement.In this episode, we interview Dan Misener, Director of Audience Development at Pacific Content. Pacific Content helps brands—such as Ford, Charles Schwab, Adobe, Mozilla and many others—develop and produce award-winning podcasts.If anyone knows what makes a great podcast, it will be Dan and the team at Pacific. We also asked avid podcast listeners from around the world what they like and dislike about podcasts; whether that is show notes; how they discover new shows; whether they leave a rating or review and many other questions.We’ll be sharing those insights with you throughout the season. In his conversation with Janelle Estes, Chief Insights Officer at UserTesting, Dan explains the “Only we” strategy for creating a podcast. And it is advice you could apply to just about any endeavor. “Only we is the idea that podcasters of all stripes should make the show only they are uniquely suited to make,” Dan says. “What is the show only we could make? What is the show no one else could make even if they wanted to?”Sometimes the “only we” is the access you have; it could be a point of view or a world view; it could be that you’re the subject matter expert on a particular topic. “Could someone else make this show and would it be the same?” Dan said. “If the answer is yes, I don’t think your show is designed especially well.”Listen to the episode to get more insights from Dan. In addition to expanding on the “Only we” strategy, Dan responds to UserTesting contributors sharing their thoughts on how they find a podcast, and whether they leave reviews. You can watch the videos, too! See and hear what podcast listeners say about how they discover podcasts, and whether they leave reviews.
1w ago
32 mins
Season 4 recap: keeping a human connection with your customersThe three pillars of a great customer experienceUnderstanding how your customers think and feel
If you asked someone shopping for a new truck whether they would purchase an electric truck what do you think would be the answer?Now ask those same potential customers if they want to run their power tools off the bed of the truck? Or in an emergency, would they want to be able to power their homes off their truck so the ice cream doesn’t melt?“That insight is the beauty of understanding customers in a way that isn’t just what they say and do but in what they think and feel,” said Iain Roberts, Chief Operating Officer at IDEO, a global design and consulting firm; which counts Ford and others among its longtime clientsIn this bonus podcast episode, a previously recorded LinkedIn Live conversation, Roberts joined Andy MacMillan, UserTesting’s CEO, to discuss the concept of design thinking and why it’s so important for businesses. Their conversation was part of the User Tested book tour. The new book was co-authored by Andy and Janelle Estes, UserTesting’s Chief Insights Officer.  Roberts said design thinking allows companies to drive real growth by seeing through your customers eyes. According to its press release introducing the electric F-150 Lightning, Ford relied on its deep understanding of its truck customers to inform the design of the all-new F-150. “We see it as our duty to deliver not just what our customers want and need, but what they might have never thought possible,” said Craig Schmatz, Ford F-150 chief engineer.Early results are impressive. Ford has reported they have more than 200,000 reservations for the electric truck, of which 75% new customers to Ford. Listen to the episode for further insights. To learn more about User Tested: https://www.usertesting.com/usertested.
Mar 21 2022
29 mins
Building an insights engine for your organization
Mar 14 2022
22 mins
Deliver value at every stage of the customer journeyThe #1 key to your startup's success
Feb 28 2022
29 mins
Powering your experience ecosystem to the next levelHow a UX insights show is must-see programming at HelloFresh
Feb 14 2022
28 mins
Building a design-driven culture
In this week’s episode, James Lane shares the evolving story of how AAA is becoming a design-driven organization.James, a Senior Product Design Manager at AAA Club Alliance, joins host Janelle Estes, UserTesting’s Chief Insights Officer, and Andy MacMillan, UserTesting’s CEO, to share AAA’s story, which is one of many being shared in the upcoming User Tested and that will be featured in Season 4 of the Human Insights Podcast. The book was authored by podcast hosts Janelle Estes, UserTesting’s Chief Insights Officer, and Andy MacMillan, UserTesting’s CEO. The book is being released on February 15th, but you can pre-order it today here or on your favorite book seller’s website.James said becoming a design-driven organization is similar to how organizations evolved into being data-driven, moving data insights from just the math wizards in a corner office to enabling everyone in an organization to use data to inform and improve their work. “We can all use design processes, just as we all use data, to understand our world a little better, as a process for exploring what customers are looking for,” he said. The results are impressive. Following their customer-informed design changes, organic conversions for the website were up 30%, including a 55% lift for Premier memberships (AAA's top-tier membership type), a 39% lift in revenue for this channel.In their conversation, they go on to discuss: Going from pilot to launchWhat he means by design-drivenAnd how customer insights are informing new initiatives, such as a recently rolled out new website
Feb 7 2022
32 mins
Strengthening your startup with customer feedback
Jan 31 2022
35 mins
Scaling insights across your organization
In this episode, Jennifer Lee, UX Research Lead at Wise, shares her experience being the company’s first qualitative researcher to scaling insights across the company.Wise (formerly known as TransferWise) is a publicly-traded, London-based technology company founded in 2011. Wise is building the best way to move and manage money around the world, helping a community of over 10 million like-minded people and businesses.Wise’s story is one of many shared in the upcoming User Tested and that will be featured in Season 4 of the Human Insights Podcast. The book was authored by podcast hosts Janelle Estes, UserTesting’s Chief Insights Officer, and Andy MacMillan, UserTesting’s CEO. The book is being released on February 15th, but you can pre-order it today here or on your favorite book seller’s website.The book gives both individual contributors and executives an approachable, pragmatic playbook for stepping beyond standard business metrics and infusing real human insight into every business decision, design, and experience.In her interview with, Jennifer tells Janelle and Andy about holding monthly UX Research 101 classes that anyone at Wise could join to learn about qualitative research. This began the democratization of the research function, as requests to get involved came from their HR/People Team, Engineering, Project Management, Marketing, Design, and more. In their interview, they go on to discuss: What role does the user experience play at Wise in securing and retaining customers?How her team partners with the product organization to ensure they create and deliver an exceptional experience for Wise customers?What metrics or KPIs does your team directly or indirectly influence?How to build the case for customer listening?
Jan 24 2022
46 mins
The flywheel of customer feedbackWhat is (and isn't) customer centricity?Making a difference in HealthTech UXOur 2021 guest-recommended books to read
If you're a regular listener to the show, you know Janelle asks our guests about a book they’ve recently read and would recommend.In this episode, we’ve rounded up all those recommendations from the past year and share them with you, whether you are looking for a holiday gift, you’re planning your 2022 strategy and are looking for some help, or just want to get in some quality reading over the holidays.Before we jump into our guest recommendations, I should also note that five of our past guests are also authors of some great books. Teresa Torres, author of Continuous Discovery HabitsJohn S. Couch, author of The Art of Creative Rebellion Tamara Adlin, co-author of The Persona LifecycleJim Kalbach, author of The Jobs to Be Done PlaybookApril Dunford, author of Obv!ously AwesomeHere are the other recommended books: Tiny HabitsTurning ProUser FriendlyUX Pioneers Never Split the DifferenceNever a Dull MomentThe Jobs To Be Done PlaybookNo Rules RulesCaste: The origins of our discontentCreativity, Inc.SnowcrashGentleman in MoscowKlara and the SunWho Not HowThink AgainConnectAnd last but not least, we'd like to recommend User Tested by our podcast co-hosts and co-authors Janelle Estes and Andy MacMillan.In their book, you’ll discover why the company that offers the best customer experience always wins, and that real, three-dimensional people can’t be reduced to data points on a graph.The book is being released on February 15th, but you can pre-order it today on your favorite book seller’s website.
Dec 6 2021
16 mins
The three skills of successful product managersWhy great product teams adopt a continuous discovery mindsetDeveloping continuous engagement with your customersIdentifying your best fit customer