Ep. 68 Anna Oxley Rintoul on living with ADHD, raising neurodiverse kids and cherishing a good enough life.

Human Cogs Podcast

Apr 4 2023 • 53 mins

How many people do you know who live with hidden conditions?

You might be surprised to learn that an estimated 30 per cent of the Australian population live with neurodiverse conditions including ADHD and autism.

In fact, new data has revealed the number of prescriptions issued for ADHD has more than doubled over the last decade in Australia, with an increasing number of adults - particularly women - being diagnosed with the condition later in life.

In this conversation we meet the extraordinary and inspirational Anna Oxley Rintoul, host of The Village Lantern Podcast and a 40-something Mum with a diagnosis of ADHD, who is also juggling the joys and challenges of raising three neurodiverse kids.

Anna shares the complexities of navigating the ups and downs of their daily lives, how she has worked to live with the grief of wanting to fit in and be so-called 'normal' in a world of neurotypicals, and the bridges of connection she's built to share both the shadows and unexpected silver linings of the journey so far.

A wealth of knowledge, insights and practical tips, this episode is an important listen for anyone living with or loving someone with neurodiversity or indeed anyone who wants to learn more about its impact on individuals and families.

We thank Anna for her wisdom, honesty and humanity in this chat, and for giving us all a window into her remarkably brave and hard walk through a beautiful "good enough" life.


Guest: Anna Oxley Rintoul
Resources and Support: https://takesavillage.com.au/
Instagram: @annaoxrin

Sabina Read and Mads Grummet
Producer: Daryl Missen

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