The KLP Episode 18: The OutKasts

The Knight Light Podcast

Jun 6 2022 • 1 hr 14 mins

Celebrating their inauguration as Junior Knights of Light of Rockport, Arian, Milaje and Rol end up facing their greatest challenge yet: Coming up with a team name. This episode references several locations in the world of Nirvangard. A map of NIrvangard can be found publicly on our Patreon Check our (Patreon) for our behind the scenes show (Backstage Banter) as well as all of our other extra content! Find Us On (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Reddit) (Tik Tok) (Discord) Even More Content (Watch Justin kick ass and take names on twitch ) (Check out the Nerds by Nature Youtube Gaming Channel ) Accolades Our theme song is 90's Kids by (Kid Quill) "Crunk Knight" by (Kevin MacLeod) Artwork is done by (Matt Andrews) Thank you to our Knights of Light Patrons: Fran, Jessica and Robert Thank you to our Junior Knight Patrons Ben, Sarah, Elexis and BushxDidx911 And a thanks to all of YOU for helping us grow!