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1.04 - Shared Healthcare Records
Aug 30 2022
1.04 - Shared Healthcare Records
In this episode of BLMK Health Conversation On... we are looking at the use of shared healthcare records to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care. We take a look at the benefits of making medical data available, and discuss how the future of the healthcare system could be shaped by the rollout of shared records.  Host Felicity Cox is joined by some very special guests:  Mark Thomas is the Chief Digital and Information Officer. He has held senior roles in both health and social care over the last 22 years and leads on integration.  Dr Paul Singer, Luton GP, is the Chief Clinical Information Officer for the BLMK Integrated Care System   Dr Sarah Whiteman, Chief Medical Director for the BLMK Health and Care Partnership is also a GP. Sarah has previously worked with NHS England & Improvement, the General Medical Council and Health Education England.   Usha Panchal is the Clinical Pharmacist and Complex Paediatric Lead, BLMK ICB. Usha leads on a ground-breaking pilot called Patients Know Best which makes life easier for children living with complex epilepsy. I’m delighted to say the Usha and the team have been shortlisted for two awards for their pioneering work.  Claire Ring is the parent of Lily, and they have been participant of the Patients Know Best pilot and we’ll hear more about how that has benefitted Claire, Lily, and the rest of their family a little later in the podcast.    Here are the highlights:  (01:58) The pandemic highlighted a need for shared records  (06:37) Making a huge difference to how patients are treated  (11:01) The great strain on social care  (13:50) Lily’s story – how PKB works with epillepsy  (20:24) PKB makes life easier  (23:37) Using shared records in hospices  (27:40) Every service can benefit