The Healing Power of the Aramaic Language

Beyond Religion: Your Life is Waiting

Mar 15 2016 • 55 mins

The world's leading Aramaic scholar joins me for a show you'll never forget. As I talk with Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, PhD, known world-wide for his books and spiritual practices of the Aramaic (Jesus' native tongue) you will gain insights for your own spiritual path if you choose. Neil was my mentor and led the first intensive of my doctoral studies. I've found nothing in my whole life that could heal the oldest wounds of my church experiences. Not until, that is, I found the inspiration and the healing power of the real words of Yeshua (Jesus) for the very first time. My past has been healed and I'm now free to live out my life and my purpose for being here. You can too. We are not here to be wounded and controlled by religion. We are here as parts of The Divine in human form. This show opens the doors to not just healing but also the personal experience of knowing The Divine within you.