The Hero Returns--Part 7

Beyond Religion: Your Life is Waiting

May 3 2016 • 56 mins

Have you ever thought of yourself as a Hero? The truth is that when we connect with our true Self--our own Divinity within, we can be nothing less than a Hero as we transform all our old energies and become new in our service to others. You are a Hero emerging! When I first read Joseph Campbell's The Hero With A Thousand Faces, I wasn't aware of how this matched the teaching of Yeshua (Jesus) in his story of The Prodigal Son. Then I discovered that George Lucas built his whole Star Wars episodes on Campbell's Hero. I deeply appreciate Bill Moyers and his contribution along with Campbell in The Power of Myth. These four episodes are designed to take us on the same journey as Luke Skywalker; the slaying of our dragons and dealing with our own shadow. The best is yet to be for everyone of us. Our departure then our awakening and finally our return is awaiting us all right here in this lifetime.