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S2E3 - Qualitron: The Musical
May 27 2022
S2E3 - Qualitron: The Musical
Qualitron: The Musical Cast & Crew Amy Bezemer - Background Vocals\Diva Epicness Sally Bezemer - Rock Solid Johnson, Chorus Bennett Campbell Ferguson - Hitchcock Joel Hodges - The Hodges, Piano Gabriel O'Rourke - Shit Hot Licks Josh O'Rourke - The Hodges Video Camera, Chet Walker, Acoustic Guitar & stuff Marq Talmadge - Nick Robert Predosa appears as himself Director Notes Qualitron: The Musical is a labor of love and toxic nostalgia. This song wouldn't be possible without the contributions and "OK, I have no idea what that means, fuck it, I'm in" mentality of everyone involved. Luckily they all understood the absolute absurdity of trying to capture something so absolutely absurd. This song started out as a demo recorded on a phone last year and escalated into something much more. And while the song wasn't finished until the last possible moment, this Wednesday (5\25), it was never a chore. It was recorded using an old computer microphone and acoustic guitar, just like Cats or Les Misérabl probably. Special thanks to Robert Predosa, who had no idea he was going to be a part of THIS project and still said "yes, I'll say something that makes no sense." Lyrics Qualitron baby Makes me want to take my shirt off and dance Qualitron baby Makes me want to put on some pants Qualitron baby Makes me want to take my shirt off (and dance) Qualitron baby Make me want to pony prance ACT ONE Hitchcock: Ladies and gentleman, My name is Hitchcock I can tell by the cut of your jib, you’re not ready to rock You seem like a D- student, you need to pay attention What a good looking class, something I’m told I shouldn’t mention I expect you to work hard, I expect your hands to blister My friend’s call me Rob, but you can call me mister Your assignment is clear, create a work of art Make sure to keep your shirts on, make sure you pour out your heart (like me!!!) -- Qualitron Chorus -- Chet Walker: My name is Chet walker I’m here to start I’ve got a friendly tractor An even friendly heart And I’m thinking 'bout quality ('merica!) Improve those grades and then you’ll see ('merica!) How easy it is for you to receive ('merica!) A special little gift from your friends at Kashi ('merica!) -- Let’s get ourselves a video camera I hear the Hodges bought a new one Let’s call em up, see what they say It’s our only hope, it's the only way Hey The Hodges, I was wondering if we could use your brand new camera... -- The Hodges: Yes you can, take my camera –just don’t abandon it on a tripod Yes you can take my camera, but listen to this…oh my god! It’s happening! (short, pensive melancholic piano piece that really makes you think about it all) -- Nick and Rob Voicemail, Shit-hot Licks ensue -- Rocksolid Johnson: Rocksolid Johnson’s here to kick some ass We’re losing light, we better film real fast OMG, what’s that sound? -- The Hodges Video Camera: It’s me, the Hodges video camera…I’m falllllliiiiing!!!!! ACT TWO The Chorus: I’m so sorry to The Hodges Can I ever make it up to you? -- The Hodges: That’s no problem, we don’t mind at all We’re The Hodges, we’ll catch you if you fall Things are just things, it’s people that matter What’s a thousand bucks between friends, friendship can’t be shattered It’s no problem! Qualitron CHORUS And I know that I Will be fine, just fine When I break all the things That I know are not mine But I’m glad to destroy All the evidence The past is the past There is no consequence