Ep. 32 - FAZE vs OPTIC Is Turning Into A HUGE RIVALRY, The Cool Thing About Losing, rating Pro Players and giving Respect where it’s due

2x The Grind Podcast

Apr 6 2023 • 1 hr 15 mins

WHATS UP 2XTG FAM! Episode 32 is here bright and early, bring you some cool conversations as we just chat away about the HCS 4K Online tourney and talk about the skill level of players and the mindset players can have about one another, we touch upon CLG and the rumors of the end of the Org and end on a discussion about LVP's tweet, giving a bit more context and understanding about respect within Esports, or lack of it! Hope you enjoy and as always please share your thoughts and opinions on our discussions!!!

- Contents -

00:00:00 - Start

00:04:17 - HCS 4K Results, what did FaZe learn about OpTic since Charlotte?

00:07:15 - The cool thing about losing

00:19:33 - Up and coming teams in the HCS this year?

00:26:20 - Do any individual players ever give you nerves playing against them?

00:33:30 - Do teams have mental blocks against players or teams?

00:37:10 - Any Player or teams that have shocked or surprised you?

00:45:00 - CLG Rumors

00:47:55 - Twitch Chat, putting some context behind LVP's tweet

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