SPIRIT: Walking Away From A 7-figure Business To Follow Your Heart with Brandon Evans

The Elemental Entrepreneurship Podcast

Apr 16 2024 • 1 hr 1 min

In this episode of The Elemental Entrepreneurship Podcast I sit down with Brandon Evans, founder of 1heart.

Before 1heart, his path of building large tech companies in New York led him to financial success but lacked greater meaning, fulfillment, and joy.

When his article “Lost on Purpose” unexpectedly went viral, Brandon was called to serve all those with similar stories reaching out for support.

Brandon founded 1heart to create new paths for leaders seeking more fulfilling and purpose-driven lives.

By elevating the consciousness of powerful leaders, their contributions create greater positive impact, harmony, and balance in the world.

In its 6th year, 1heart's 8-week Living Beyond Program, which includes a 1-week retreat with ayahuasca in Costa Rica, has served nearly 1,000 leaders.

1heart is known for its deeply integrated and holistic offering and inspiring community.

1heart combines top facilitators across modern and ancient modalities to support physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being via a highly curated, best-in-class program.

Brandon lives in Costa Rica with his wife Jeanette and their recently born daughter Spirit. Individually and together, they lead retreats and create experiences that support others in creating lives fully aligned with their soul's calling.

Find Brandon @ 1heart.com or IG @brandone / @1heartjourneys


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