Client Love When We Do

The Kirk Minihane Show

Feb 9 2022 • 2 hrs 10 mins

Deleting Dave is back. Dave Portnoy was fed up with a former Barstool Sports employee but deleted the initial audio talking about it (00:10:00). Howard Stern wants Al Michaels to tell people to get vaccinated on the Super Bowl broadcast (00:26:00). Tim Dillon brilliantly trolls Mark Shanahan of the Boston Globe prompting Joe Rogan to reach out to Shanahan himself (00:53:40). Kevin Clancy seeks guidance from his sherpa (00:37:48). Harrison second guesses Kirk's parody song instincts (00:40:00). Kevin from Malden really irritates Jim Braude and Margery Egan (00:47:30). The Oscars are irrelevant now, Steve Robinson is itching to do something much more.