The Importance Of Belonging In The Workplace

Survive & Thrive

Jan 24 2023 • 14 mins

To achieve a sense of belonging within an organization, a person must feel seen, connected, supported, and proud. This can bring many advantages to the organization's success through employee engagement, performance, and other beneficial factors. However, with so many teams now leading remote workers or staff with hybrid schedules cultivating connections among dispersed members isn't always easy. So how can leaders build an environment on connection to create a culture of belonging for their organizational members?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres discusses the importance of "belonging" in the workplace. She goes over the benefits of curating an environment built on connection and how leaders can encourage employees to feel connected within the workplace. In addition, Jennifer explains that leaders can foster belonging for their employees by utilizing bonding opportunities that promote team-building and inclusion.

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