Are you struggling to hire high-performing candidates? Or, perhaps you live in a rural area that has a low employment rate and no qualified candidates? All CEO’s struggle at one point or another when it comes to hiring the perfect team. Knowing what to look out for in an ideal team member and how to post job descriptions that attract the right people can be tricky.

Thankfully, Krystal Hicks, the Founder of JOBTALK, joins Shelli Warren on the podcast to bust through the most common hiring challenges using LinkedIn! Krystal fell in love with the employment sector when she fell into a role at a staffing firm in Portsmouth. She eventually became Lindt’s Corporate Recruitment Manager in 2016 (yes, the chocolate people!). Krystal has since gone on to launch JOBTALK in 2018 where she provides one-on-one career counseling, training sessions on recruiting for companies and holds free community workshops for job hunters. She’s even going to teach a college-to-career prep class at UNH’s business school in the fall.

Krystal is certainly quite the expert on hiring and understands just how hard it can be to stack your team with the best possible members. She knows how important it is to build long-standing relationships with candidates and LinkedIn truly is one of the best ways to do this.

Join Shelli and Krystal on this episode of Stacking Your Team to learn about Krystal’s top three tactics for hiring on LinkedIn, how to create a compelling job offer, what the different generations of candidates are looking for and so, so much more!

Are you ready to find your dream team on LinkedIn?

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to be real with your job postings
  • How to create a pipeline of potential new team members
  • How to effectively fish on LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups

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