Catherine Dummitt’s Extremely Bold and Shockingly Witty Pinata Campaign That Caught Unicorn’s Attention

Growth Marketing Camp

Mar 21 2022 • 35 mins

If you're an adult in the US, you most likely have engaged with Narvar. With the goal of simplifying consumers' everyday lives by driving customer loyalty through seamless post-purchase experiences, they’ve touched more than 80% of adults in the states.

In this episode of Growth Marketing Camp, we are delighted to have Catherine Dummitt, VP of Marketing at Narvar, join us. Kicking off her career as an SDR, her journey is not typical, which makes her a marketing leader with a unique point of view. Catherine tells the story of how she launched one of the most fun and original campaigns we’ve heard in a while, and breaks down the steps her team took to make it successful. She also shares her take on how to break into a noisy space and stand out.

Trust us, you won’t want to miss this one, so be sure to tune in.