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"On AI" is an innovative podcast uniquely tailored for creators diving into the fascinating world of generative AI.

Generative AI is accelerating artistic expressions resulting in the development of completely new genres, transforming art, design, film, music, storytelling and immersive multimodal experiences. It's also transforming the way we experience the world. From fashion, gaming, robotics and all the pop culture in between.

In each episode, we examine the transformative power of artificial intelligence through conversations with content creators and artists who are leveraging new tools- for work and play.

Listen in and lean into the experimental, to share ideas, spark curiousity and inspire wonder.


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ON AI: The Art of Innovation: Blending Creativity with Strategy in the AI Age
May 9 2024
ON AI: The Art of Innovation: Blending Creativity with Strategy in the AI Age
Episode Summary:In this thought-provoking episode, Beth interviews Baroosh, a creative director with a rich background in media planning and conceptual storytelling. We explore the need to evaluate current structures and processes to adapt the the impact of artificial intelligence from both the talent and tool based systems. The dual perspectives in organizations on AI: enhancing efficiency vs. nurturing human capital.Strategies for fostering a workforce that's adaptable and innovative in the face of technological advances.The conversation examines the complexities and ethical considerations of integrating Artificial Intelligence into creative industries. Drawing from her experiences transitioning from ad agencies to production houses, Baroosh explores the transformative impact of AI on traditional roles, emphasizing the shift towards hybrid, multi-disciplinary positions requiring a larger perspective Key Takeaways:The Evolution of Creative Roles:The transition from specialization to larger domain knowledge that underscores a broader industry trend where creative roles are increasingly overlapping with technical and strategic business functions.AI in the Workplace:The integration of AI in creative workflows is both a technological and cultural shift within organizations. Baroosh breaks down the dual perspectives that emerge: one focusing on operational efficiency and profit, and another concerned with employee adaptation and the ethical use of technology.Navigating Business and Creative Needs:A significant challenge in today’s creative landscape is balancing the need to produce engaging content with business operations. Baruch stresses the importance of maintaining a focus on both creative output and the business mechanics that support it, particularly in a freelanceWhether you're a freelancer, agency veteran, or a creative enthusiast intrigued by the intersection of technology and art, this episode offers valuable insights into maintaining your creative integrity while navigating the ever-evolving business demands.About Baroosh:Creative Director Baroosh, leverages her creative expertise and agency experience to  advise organizations on how to set up structures that support both the needs of the business and creator.Baroosh recommended reading: Viral Justice by Ruha Benjamin Slow Cancellation of the Future by Mark FisherHosted by Beth Lahr Yorkwww.bethonai.com www.bethlahryork.com
On AI: "AI & The Mirage of the Moment"
Apr 11 2024
On AI: "AI & The Mirage of the Moment"
Kicking off Season 2 with Kai Bergin.We explore the relationship between human intelligence and artificial intelligence, and reflect how our current "productivity-culture" is reshaping our daily tasks.The conversation prompts us to consider how AI is not only transforming our professional landscape but also challenging us to redefine the boundaries of human intellect and creativity.As amazing as the tools are, they are not a magic button that replaces human creativity. How we perceive and how do we utilize the incredible capabilities of AI in balance with the irreplaceable value of human creativity?  How will AI continue to transform our professional and personal lives? What will we outsource, and what will be keep? Plus, apple pie. About Kai: Kai leads the Artificial Intelligence team at MVR Digital Workforce, based in the Netherlands. Over the past four years, he has been instrumental in building and leading a skilled team of AI engineers. The team specialises in customized AI solutions for a diverse range of industries, including media, government, and software development support. Kai's team is known for their ability to uniquely combine creative vision with technical expertise.When he's not guiding his team through the complexities of AI, Kai is on a personal journey, writing a book that explores the intriguing relationship between AI and creativity. Outside of the digital world, Kai's passions include playing bass in various bands and spending quality time with his family and friends in Amsterdam.Hosted by Beth Lahr Yorkwww.bethonai.com www.bethlahryork.com
On AI: Ep8 GenAI; Tools of the Trade (Image, Video & Audio)
Mar 21 2024
On AI: Ep8 GenAI; Tools of the Trade (Image, Video & Audio)
In this week's episode, I'm thrilled to welcome back Tony J. Matos, a visionary in his own right. Together, we dive deep into a milestone for the AI community - the first ever, full-length AI film, a remake that's been turning heads and sparking debates. We also unpack the latest advancements in AI models that are revolutionizing audio, video, and image generation. From audio reactivity to character consistency, and integrating audio with text-to-video models, we dig into it all.So much to discuss we only scratched the surface on Blackwell, just one of NVIDIA's groundbreaking revelations from GTC.  There's so much to explore, and we're just getting started.Join us in this journey of experimentation and collaboration. Let's continue to break new ground and share our discoveries in the Generative AI space. The future is ours to shape, together.#GenerativeAI #AIInnovation #CreativeTech #AIFilm #TechPodcasts #NVIDIA #AIRevolution #Collaboration #DigitalTransformation #FutureOfAIRecorded 3/19/24Resources:Motion:https://x.com/TonyJMatos/status/1768027672133726368?s=20https://x.com/TonyJMatos/status/1766139583178117515?s=20Transform:https://x.com/TonyJMatos/status/1763587403451691158?s=20Audiohttps://tracksy.ai/https://cassetteai.com/Tony's Links:https://twitter.com/tonyjmatoshttps://tonyjmatos.com/workhttps://x.com/TonyJMatos/status/1759274850592407629?s=20https://x.com/TonyJMatos/status/1767394214189429108?s=20Hosted by Beth Lahr Yorkwww.bethonai.com www.bethlahryork.com
OnAI: Ep5, FutureShock & The Digitization of Humanity.
Feb 29 2024
OnAI: Ep5, FutureShock & The Digitization of Humanity.
In this episode we explore the digitization of humanity and unravel the enigma of AI in the creative sphere, featuring the indomitable Craig Swann. Craig, more than a Creative Director, is a digital polymath. He's journeyed from the dawn of the internet era, navigating titles from 'Creative Technologist' to 'Chief Imagination Officer.' His story? A mosaic of creativity, technology, and adaptability.Our dialogue meanders through the nostalgia of Flash's heyday to the AI-driven multimodal present. We delve deep into AI's transformative role, from Snapchat filters to profound data analysis, questioning the essence of human authenticity in a data-driven economy. But it's not just tech talk. We explore how technology, particularly AI, is intertwined with our humanity, pondering its impact on careers, creativity, and personal identity in an ever-evolving digital landscape.The conversation takes a philosophical turn, too. Craig and I discuss the responsibility of our generation in bridging the analog and digital worlds, passing on wisdom while embracing groundbreaking changes.From the philosophical to the practical, we cover the spectrum. We even touch on the future of digital content creation and consumption, speculating on how AI will redefine our interaction with media and each other.🎧 Available on all major platforms. Don't miss this episode – it's where technology meets humanity at the crossroads of the future!Check out SouthStart, Craig's upcoming event for creatives, technologists and talent to connect in person to have more of these types of conversations.Hosted by Beth Lahr Yorkwww.bethonai.com www.bethlahryork.com