Bradycardia Dosing for Atropine & Dopamine

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Oct 27 2023 • 5 mins

The 2020 ACLS guidelines updated the dose for administration of Atropine and Dopamine for the treatment of unstable bradycardia.

The signs & symptoms of unstable bradycardia.

Atropine's new dose and maximum.

The use of atropine when a patient is in a second degree type II or third degree heart block.

ECG changes that indicate subsequent doses of atropine are likely to be ineffective.

The 2020 update to the starting dose of Dopamine.

The use of Dopamine for bradycardia as an interim until TCP vs hypotension.

The use of Atropine and Dopamine in patients with myocardial ischemia.

Podcasts with additional (advanced-provider level) information about bradycardia, Atropine, & Dopamine can be found on the Pod Resources page.

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