Time Goals for Assessment & Treatment of Stroke

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Nov 3 2023 • 4 mins

When treating patients having an MI or stroke, more minutes equals more dead cells.

Because the majority of strokes are the ischemic type, the treatment for stroke is similar to an MI – to reestablish perfusion to the ischemic tissues.

Review the first four steps in the Stroke Chain of Survival.

Time criteria for the administration of tPA or EVT of LVO strokes.

Stroke benchmarks for door to:

  • assessment;
  • completing a non-contrast CT; and
  • administration of tPA (door-to-needle).

EMS interaction with stroke teams and destination protocols to reduce time to definitive care.

The difference for timed goals for the identification & treatment of AMI vs Stroke.

Additional information about timed goals for stroke and how EMS affects outcomes, can be found on the PassACLS.com pod resources page.

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