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Geoff & Toni Brabec

Join Geoff and Toni Brabec as they walk the road of Pregnancy and Infant Loss head-on. Together they faced an early pregnancy diagnosis of a life-limiting condition that would ultimately turn fatal. On October 5th of 2013 which happens to be their 5th wedding anniversary, the Brabec's welcomed and also said goodbye to their first-born daughter Olivia Hope who was born at just 33 weeks. Through their nonprofit, "Our Little Sparrows," Geoff and Toni seek to walk alongside expectant mothers that have been given a life-limiting and/ or fatal diagnosis before and after their pregnancy no matter the outcome. CA-​501(c)(3)Nonprofit #87-2481699

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day/ (5) Ways To Participate in WWCLD. SE1 EP9
Dec 1 2021
Worldwide Candle Lighting Day/ (5) Ways To Participate in WWCLD. SE1 EP9
Join us today as we share why it is important to remember your baby. We also have (5) unique ways to participate in honoring your child during the Worldwide Candle Lighting Service this year. Will you be lighting a candle in the memory of your child gone too soon on Sunday, December 12th? The Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting Day coordinated by The Compassionate Friends, Inc. is a special time to honor a child of any age that has died. However you choose to honor your baby, it will be special and meaningful because your child is at the heart of what you choose to do. We especially want those in our community of Pregnancy and Infant Loss to know that you are not alone, that you are loved and your baby will always be cherished. WHERE TO LISTEN:==============================APPLE PODCAST SPOTIFYGOOGLERESOURCES===============================📅-  "Worldwide Candle Lighting Service" -The Compassionate Friends📚- NAVIGATING THE UNKNOWN BOOK -Amie Lands***If you are dealing with difficult feelings and emotions from the death of your baby, we encourage you to reach out and connect with other families of baby loss in the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Community. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great resources for finding other loss moms and dads in our community to connect and share our babies with. We also encourage you to connect with us (Geoff and Toni). We are here for you and your family. You are not alone, You are loved and, Your babies will always be cherished.***CONTACT US!===============================🌷- MEET THE FOUNDERS OF OUR LITTLE SPARROWS📝-  SPARROW BLOG☎️- HOTLINE:(916) 572-6265SOCIAL===============================👥 - FACEBOOK🐦 - TWITTER 📸 - INSTAGRAM🎥 - YOUTUBE Support the show (