The future of work: What's in store for food retail?

That Makes Cents: A consumer podcast

Sep 15 2020 • 23 mins

Since March, many Americans have had to adjust to new working conditions and protocols, whether at an office, at home, or on the front lines of a factory or retail store. On top of that, many have navigated caring for family members and evolving school dynamics as the lines further blurred between work and home. The way we live changed in an instant, and the way we work is evolving very quickly. What does work look like today in the food retail industry, and what trends are coming…maybe sooner than we think? Hear from this episode’s guests: Mark Baum, senior vice president of industry relations and chief collaboration officer at FMI—the Food Industry Association, and Kimberly Betts, managing director in Deloitte’s Human Capital, Retail, and Consumer Products practices.