What School You Went?

PBS Hawaiʻi

A PBS Hawai‘i podcast that explores Hawaiʻi's local cultures, communities and relationships – that help shape our identity. PBS Hawaiʻi President and CEO Ron Mizutani hosts a weekly conversation with unique and colorful individuals from across the state. From rubbah slippahs to unsolved local mysteries, Ron and guests examine and shed light on the real deal of what makes Hawaiʻi, Hawaiʻi.

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Our Editor's Take

Ron Mizutani hosts What School You Went? podcast. This show is from PBS Hawai'i, where he is the president and CEO. Ron interviews notable Hawaiians about Hawaiian life and culture. He talks to sports legends like boxer Jesus Salud and comedians like Frank De Lima. The show's tone is casual and friendly. As the title might suggest, Ron starts every interview by asking his guest where they went to school. The title is an expression from natives of Hawaii.

In an episode, activist Calvin Hoe reminisces about visiting the famous Waiahole Poi Factory. The owner would give him and his schoolmates a snack before getting on the bus. Calvin now owns Waiahole Poi Factory, which is now a restaurant. He and his son still make and serve poi. Poi is a traditional Hawaiian food they make with taro, a root vegetable. Calvin and Ron discuss the importance of preserving native Hawaiian culture. Calvin talks about how colonization devastated the native Hawaiian population.

Preserving Hawaiian culture is a recurring theme in What School You Went? In another episode, Ron interviews comedian and DJ Lanai Tabura. Lanai says his mother and brothers are fighting to keep their houses. They live on the island of Lanai, which is mostly owned by billionaire Larry Ellison. Many residents are at risk of displacement. They also discuss food as cultural preservation. Ron claims to know how to make a tripe stew that doesn't smell. Lanai hosts a show called Cooking Hawaiian Style.

In another episode, Ron talks to Cori Nakamoto. Cori won the Netflix show Sugar Rush: Extra Sweet with fellow Hawaiian Nixon Dabalos. She tells Ron how making tall cakes can be satisfying and stressful. Cori also talks about how her faith inspires and encourages her. She also mentions that she attended McKinley High School, which Dwayne Johnson attended. Cori is proud to represent her culture.

Hawaiians who want to celebrate or reconnect with their culture might enjoy this show. It's an opportunity for non-Hawaiians to learn about a non-tourism version of Hawaii. What School You Went? is an educational and entertaining podcast.

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