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En La Sala

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Explore the Amazon Original podcast En La Sala, hosted and curated in Season 2 by singer, actress and multi-media creative Evaluna Montaner. Each week, Evaluna will get up close and personal with friends, family, her favorite artists and other people she admires, and tackle topics that are important to her and the Latinx community — from family values, spirituality, and representation in Hollywood, to body positivity, authenticity and sisterhood. You can listen to the full first season on Amazon Music or wherever you listen to podcasts, but Season 2 with Evaluna is available first on Amazon Music.

To check out video episodes of En La Sala, watch them here:


Descubre el Amazon Original podcast En La Sala, de regreso para una segunda temporada con Evaluna Montaner como host. Cada semana, Evaluna tendrá conversaciones muy personales con amigos, familia, y gente que admira para hablar de temas que son importantes para ella y la comunidad Latina -- como los valores de familia, la fe, la representación en los medios, la imagen corporal, la autenticidad y el rol de las mujeres en el mundo de la música. Puedes disfrutar de la primera temporada en Amazon Music o en tu plataforma preferida de podcasts, pero la segunda temporada con Evaluna está disponible primero en Amazon Music.

Para ver los episodios en video de En La Sala, visita este enlace:

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Our Editor's Take

During the pandemic in 2020, Latina superstar Becky G launched her first-ever podcast, En La Sala. While stuck at home in quarantine, Becky wanted to create a platform to discuss various issues in society, and politics. When Season 2 of En La Sala was announced, the torch was passed to Evaluna Montaner; a Venezuelan star.

The popular podcast was recognized as a two-time honoree in the Webby Awards in 2021 in both the Music and Diversity & Inclusion categories.

Never shying away from difficult discussions, Montaner’s sincerity on topics provides a safe haven for listeners going through similar struggles. Touching subjects that tend to hold some controversy—like the struggle to conceive a child—helps listeners better relate to her. She also dives into diversity in the media while interviewing other well-known performers including Sebastian Yatra and Leslie Grace.

Learn more about the stimulating topics that have the Latinx community showing up and tuning into the En La Sala podcast on Amazon Music. Listeners can stay up to date with all of Montaner’s latest discussions and topics with new episodes launching every Wednesday, available in both English and Spanish.

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