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Our Editor's Take

The Five podcast brings together five personalities from the Fox News Channel. It's the podcast from The Five, cable news' most popular show. Listeners can expect lively debates on the issues of the day. The audio series began in 2023, with new episodes dropping daily. The show's title comes from both the 5 PM timeslot and the number of hosts on each episode.

The team behind The Five podcast shares extensive knowledge and experience inside and outside the Fox News newsroom. Dana Perino has spent years covering political stories focusing on presidential elections. Before working at Fox News, she was the White House press secretary for George W. Bush.

Joining Dana as one of The Five's podcast cohosts is Greg Gutfeld, an author, political satirist, and editor. He hosts the late-night show Gutfeld! and has written a slew of bestselling books. He isn't afraid to share his conservative-libertarian views with wit and bite.

Jesse Watters started his career working backstage for Fox News. After only a year, he moved to an on-screen role. He has interviewed the likes of former president Donald Trump. Watters has also interviewed entrepreneurs and other newsmakers. He also hosts Jesse Watters Primetime on Fox. On The Five podcast, he's known for sharing the texts his Mom has sent him during the show!

For any news stories that need legal knowledge, cohost Judge Jeanine Pirro is the one to provide it. She won an Emmy as the host of a popular courtroom show and has over three decades of experience as a legal expert. She became a judge in 1990.

The last of The Five host spots rotates between Geraldo Rivera, Harold Ford Jr., and Jessica Tarlov. They provide a more progressive perspective. Special guests often join, including Fox personalities Brian Kilmeade and Jimmy Failla. Together they create insightful podcast episodes, debating all the latest stories.

Listeners who like political debate may enjoy The Five podcast. The latest episodes of this podcast provide the most recent news and commentary.

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