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Scammers are targeting you and your loved ones. I know all too well. My mother spent $350,000 on a man she believed was her soulmate right before her death. The only way we can fight back is to arm ourselves with information. Scammer Warriors unite! These stories are from victims and their families. The details are so shocking that they're hard to believe. read less

Our Editor's Take

Scammer Stories is a true crime podcast that doesn't focus on murders or kidnappings. Instead, host April explores true stories about con artists of all kinds. From fake influencers to crypto fraudsters, the show explores a variety of scams. April aims to help listeners avoid falling victim to elaborate scams. She interviews victims who got tricked by opportunists who prey on good people. Some people even fall into scams run by people they know, like pyramid schemes and MLMs.

April is a journalist and broadcaster with over twenty years of experience in radio and TV. She is the news director at KRMG News Talk Radio. The podcast host became interested in journalism while studying at Mississippi State University. While studying for a bachelor's in media studies, she got her first radio experience at WMSV.

In 2017, the podcast host discovered the dangers of scammers for herself. April's mother, a widow, began online dating while undergoing cancer treatment. The "person" she was talking to was a group taking advantage of her. Their ploy was to keep victims sleep-deprived so they weren't in their right mind. April's mom gave the scammers $350,000 and lost her life because of them. One night, after staying up messaging, she fell out of bed in a daze and broke her neck.

This experience had a massive impact on April's life. She brought her broadcasting expertise to a podcast to warn vulnerable people. The true stories on this show serve as cautionary tales. Listeners will hear about the manipulative tactics scammers use to exploit people.

Scammer Stories reveals how criminals insert themselves into the lives of lonely people. April gives victims a chance to share their experiences and spread their message to potential victims. New episodes of the podcast are available for streaming once a month.

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