Storytelling You Can See: The Power of Video, an interview with DonorDock CMO Rob Burke

Beyond The Donation

Jun 20 2023 • 19 mins

Our Guest: Rob Burke, CMO of DonorDock

About Rob: Rob is the Chief Marketing Officer of DonorDock, having spent the last two decades in the marketing world. He developed a passion for photography and video at an early age, which spurred his entrepreneurial venture using storytelling and helping companies share their vision.

(1:45) How nonprofits can leverage video for storytelling

(2:05) "If you are talking about yourself, it’s probably not the story. If you’re talking about the impact you’re making, the impact your customers are making, or the impact your community is making, that’s the story you should be telling.” - Rob Burke

(2:35) Budgeting for quantity and quality of video storytelling

(4:28) Other ways to share the story

(5:28) Determining and prioritizing where to air content

[7:55] Donor Engagement Ebook

[9:50] AI & Storytelling

Rob’s Pro Tip: With storytelling effectively, every story has a binary action – a positive and a negative. If you can change from that in your story, that’s what you need to care about.

[16:38] Wrap-up point on importance of demographics of your donor base

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