Enhancing Donor Journeys, an interview with Julia Devine

Beyond The Donation

Feb 20 2024 • 26 mins

In this episode of Beyond the Donation, host Matt Bitzegaio interviews Julia Devine from Devine Parker Consulting.

Julia discusses her transition from a traditional nonprofit job to starting her own consulting business during the pandemic. She also outlines her firm's work which includes helping nonprofits create more meaningful donor journeys. Julia stresses the importance of understanding the donor's point of view, creating two-sided relationships that include recognition and relationship building, and leveraging technology. She also provides practical advice such as conducting regular informational
interviews with stakeholders, testing and improving donation and engagement processes, and tracking key performance indicators.

Julia concludes by highlighting new initiatives at Devine Parker, including an online course called Donor Flow Academy and a coming training program for nonprofit professionals considering a transition into consulting.

00:24 Guest Introduction

00:48 The Journey of Devine Parker Consulting

02:51 The Evolution of Nonprofit Consulting

04:38 Understanding Donor Journeys

07:30 The Importance of Donor Data

010:12 Effective Strategies for Building Donor Journeys

13:06 Challenges in Creating Donor Journeys

“For donors, they don’t have to give you their money. So, if you’re just not streamlining and then cutting out those gaps and reducing the friction, you’re going to miss so many opportunities to engage people who are already raising their hand saying, “Hey,
I want to support you, but you’re not letting me in.”

17:33 Measuring the Success of Donor Journeys

20:28 Actionable Tips for Starting Donor Journeys

24:31 Connecting with Divine Parker Consulting

26:10 Conclusion


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