From Startup to Success--A Founder’s Story: John Fisher, Friends of the Children Fargo/Moorhead

Beyond The Donation

Feb 14 2023 • 52 mins

Our Guest:
John Fisher, Executive Director of Friends of the Children Fargo/Moorhead.

About Friends of the Children Fargo/Moorhead: Founded in 2019 in Fargo/Moorhead. Serve children that are facing some of life’s biggest obstacles, by partnering them with adult mentors, or “Friends”.

(3:00) Plans for Staff in Fargo/Moorhead

(4:34) Founding of FOTC FM Chapter

(10:00) Strategy for Securing Funding

(13:19) “I always use the word ‘team’, not ‘family’. Because we’re not a family. We’re a team, and I am unapologetic about that. I don’t fire family; I don’t hire family. I do hire and fire a team.” - John Fisher

(14:50) Autonomy in a Chapter

(19:07) Chapter Individuality

(20:35) Pros and Cons of a National Organization Umbrella

(22:35) Advice for Those in Similar Situations

Golden BTD Nugget: Be a person of integrity and trust. Also, when you’re coming behind a founder, look under the hood. Make sure the organization you’re signing up to run aligns with your values. Look at the fine print, and know what you’re getting into.

(26:45) Leading Philosophy

(28:42) The Importance of a Good Development Hire

(32:58) Brunch Event Insight

(31:13) Lessons Learned from Primary Fundraising Events

(39:00) Camaraderie in National Organizations

John’s Pro Tip: It’s all about relationships. It’s looking past what the person can do for you and looking to who they are, and wanting to connect with them on that level.

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